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At its heart, TRUE self-care is about reducing the impact of stress on the body and in the brain. When we look at it this way it's pretty obvious that self-care is not selfish and that through daily practices (what I call 'self-care rituals') we can re-charge our physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual "batteries". These rituals are helpful to us in various ways, they can help us stay present in the moment, they can improve our mood and even our outlook on life.


Trauma has many faces. Personally, I have seen a few of them in my life and I see them very often during sessions with my Reiki* clients while I'm holding a safe space for them. In my efforts to be more trauma-informed and offer you more forms of self-care, I have come accross some really helpful resources that I am sharing here to help us all learn how to be more resilient and make meaning of our experiences so that we can move through life in a more self-nurturing way.

*Reiki is not intended to replace traditional medicine or therapy, it is meant to complement them. While I am here to provide compassionate support throughout your healing journey, I am unable to appropriately evaluate medical or mental health concerns and do not provide medical or mental health counseling.

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Helpful resources to help you on your healing journey:

Ouroboros Herbals, LLC

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