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Hello, I’m Mystique and I've been exploring the transformative powers of Reiki for over 7 years. As a Reiki Master, I believe that true healing comes from within, and my role is to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and self-care.


Whether you're looking to improve your spiritual, emotional, or physical well-being, I'm here to help you tap into the deepest corners of your human experience to uncover what's holding you back. By serving as a channel for universal life force energy, I can help you move stagnant energy from areas that have suffered physical injury and/or emotional pain This helps to balance your energy and remove energetic blocks that can lead to illness.


As an intuitive psychic practitioner, I'm attuned to energy and its nonverbal forms of communication. This allows me to provide additional insights and messages from your higher self or guides. I'm proud to be a certified Usui Reiki Master and a certified Animal Reiki Master, and I'm committed to helping you experience the revitalizing benefits of Reiki.


I believe that self-care is essential for a happy, healthy life. That's why I offer distance Reiki sessions that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Take a look at the available options below and let's work together to help you unlock your true potential and embrace a life of self-care.

For more detailed information regarding my Reiki services please see here.

intuitive REIKI Sessions

Reiki Offerings

I have been called to offer my Reiki services on a sliding scale for those who are coming full circle and reaching the end of their journey here on earth (available for people and pets); I also extend this offer to their care-givers. My mission with end-of-life Reiki is to help ease the transition and to bring peace to the heart and prepare the soul. If you are interested in learning more about this service, and recieving a discount please contact me here.

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