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Hi! My name is Mystique, and my journey with Reiki started over 7 years ago. To this day I do not call myself a healer since I define what I do as holding space for you to start your own healing journey.

intuitive REIKI Sessions

And let me tell you that this journey is unique to you, it might be spiritual, emotional, physical, or a combination of these. When we dive into the inner darkest corners of our earthly experience we shed light on what is holding us (as a whole) back. By serving as a channel to deliver universal life force energy I help move stagnant energy from areas that have suffered physical injury and/or emotional pain in turn, balancing energy, and removing energetic blocks that can cause illness.


As an intuitive psychic practitioner, I am sensitive to energy and its nonverbal forms of communication, allowing me to receive additional information regarding blocks, imbalances, or on some occasions messages from your higher self or guides.


I'm a certified Usui Reiki Master and a certified Animal Reiki Master. 


I'm currently only offering distance Reiki sessions. Please see the available options below.

For more detailed information regarding my Reiki services please see here.