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Ouroboros Herbals is a purveyor of vegan Reiki-infused self-care rituals for the bath, body, + spirit. These holistic offerings are deeply inspired by nature, the tradition of wise women, and plant spirit medicine; magick is interwoven with natural skincare science to help transform daily routines into self-care rituals. 


Our vision is to empower you with clean and practical self-care that is highly vibrational; to create awareness of the importance of intentional living that is in tune with the ebb and flow of nature and to stimulate deep inner development.


Our mission is to approach formulation in a heart-centered way bringing together high quality plant, mineral, and marine sourced ingredients so that each manifestation not only offers positive physical results, but affects the user on a deeper energetic level as well. 


Behind the name

The ouroboros is the oldest alchemical symbol known throughout the world. It embodies unity in all things, material and spiritual. Often, it is depicted by a snake, dragon or salamander eating its own tail in a closed circle. The ouroboros symbolizes a perpetual cycle of life (creation), death (destruction), and rebirth (re-creation). One of the earliest alchemical texts, ‘The Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra’ depicts an illustration created by a female alchemist (not the queen) with the phrase “The All is One” encircled by an ouroboros symbol. The name Ouroboros Herbals came to be through communication with our spirit guides and with each passing day it is more fitting for our practice. 


About the owner and founder
Mystique is a certified organic skincare formulator and an intuitive energy worker. Ouroboros Herbals is an extension of her way of life, combining her experience as a Reiki Master, her studies in alchemical herbalism and her calling to the esoteric arts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, completed studies in Organic Skincare Formulation, as well as Organic Cosmetic Science at Formula Botanica, and is currently studying at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. When Mystique isn’t crafting self-care rituals or providing her services in alternative medicine, she likes to collect occult books; connect with nature while hiking or enjoying the beaches and natural resources that her island has to offer. She enjoys spending quality time with her partner and her fur babies. Mystique also runs the back office at El Corte barbershop in Santurce, Puerto Rico.


LOCATIOn  &  Stockists



With our roots in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we branch out to you here through our online store, as well as through our Etsy shopWhile we don't have brick & mortar shop, we do have select self-care rituals available through our stockists. Please note that they may not carry our full line. You can contact them before visiting. 

If you are interested in carrying Ouroboros Herbals, contact us here.

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