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Self-care rituals to help you tune in to the energy of aries season

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

This post is part of a series discussing the positive aspects of each astrological sign so that we may be more self-aware as we connect to their energies and their corresponding planetary vibrations while they are at their strongest. I've curated some our self-care rituals and paired them to each sign to help us all embrace the themes present.

Aries Correspondences:

  • Rules: 1st house

  • Duration (estimated): March 21 - April 19

  • Element: fire

  • Planet: Mars

  • Modality: cardinal

  • Season: spring

  • Glyph: The Ram

  • Themes: self, ego, consciousness, outward expressiveness, initiation, divine masculine, self confidence, courage

  • Shadow self: selfishness, hot-headedness

  • Motto: "I am"

  • Dominant chakra: solar plexus

  • Herbs: nettle, echinacea, cayenne, yarrow, ginger, cinnamon

  • Essential oils: cinnamon, clove, frankincense, juniper, marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, oregano, basil

  • Cell salt: kali phosphate

  • Metal: iron

  • Crystals: quartz, bloodstone, red jasper, diamond, citrine, carnelian, black onyx, yellow tiger's eye, hematite, fire agate

  • Color: red

  • Deities: Freya, Ares, Mars, Athena, Minerva

  • Archetype: The Warrior

  • Tarot Card: Emperor

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac kicking off the astrological new year with the spring equinox and symbolizing life force, birth, and uninhibited energy. Aries rules the first house of the zodiac, this is the house of "the self".

Aries is a cardinal fire sign - ‘cardinal’ signs symbolize the beginning of a season like a spark of fire - explosive energy bursting into existence and occur around the equinoxes and solstices. The glyph for Aries is the Ram and it’s a perfect representation of the head-on approach that Aries take to problem solving and life in general.

The planet of Mars rules Aries, which I mentioned when I spoke about Scorpio back in October. Mars is associated with the warrior archetype and has very dynamic, expressive, yang energy. This warrior archetype in its highest expression is a healthy expression of Mars energy and represents the divine masculine, one who is peaceful, and has the courage to conquer personal demons; they show energy and confidence without egoic traits. They are competitive with themselves instead of with others. However, in its lowest expression, the warrior archetype shows up as dominant, full of rage, fear and violence that exudes toxic masculinity. Mars is a highly volatile and intense planet, but it’s also a planet of deep initiation and invites us to align with our willpower, to transmute our weaknesses into unbreakable strength, and to forge our own unique path that expresses our truth and is aligned with our purpose. It’s important for Aries with all this direct initiatory energy to keep themselves in check and to choose their challenges and not fall into a cycle of creating confrontation and conflict. In other words, put all that fire energy into positive things that offer you growth and healing instead of feeding your ego or giving your power away to others and/or situations.

In our bodies, Aries correlates to the head, and through its Mars rulership corresponds to

the blood and the iron in our blood, as well as circulation, adrenal glands, and the hypothalamus in regards to fevers and our body’s temperature regulation. It also rules the gallbladder, the male reproductive system (that also corresponds to Scorpio), and the muscular system. When Aries/Mars type energy is deficient, some of the ways it shows up in our bodies is as anemia, bad circulation, and a general lack of energy. In excess it can lead to stress, the body running on the hot side, inflammation, migraines, adrenal fatigue and can even lead to burnout.

So that's a little bit about Aries and the planetary influence of Mars. Now for the pairing of our self-care rituals to help you tune in to the energy & lessons of Aries season:

Our first ritual is Light my Fire! with the Fire Elemental Bath Soak. If you’re feeling like your overall energy, is low this is a chance for you to recharge your vitality. The Fire soak will surely get your circulation going and the spicy scents will liven your mood. Try as best you can to avoid interruptions and dedicate 20 minutes to yourself to do this. Remember to put your intentions into every step of setting up your bath and keep them present while soaking. You can light a candle for extra fire energy.

Our second ritual is New Beginnings with our seasonal SPRING soap which energetically embodies the rebirth and growth that the Spring Equinox brings with the return of the Sun. SPRING has a fresh scent and it will boost your circulation with exfoliating poppy seeds to help reveal healthier-looking skin. As you shower, you can think about new projects you would like to start. They say that you get your best ideas in the shower, so set your mind to it!

Our third ritual is Get Out of My Head! with our WAKE UP! Shower Steamers. If you suffer from tension headaches or migraines often, I recommend taking a shower steamer with you when you go to shower. The powerful scents of peppermint and rosemary are great at offering relief. You can also bring an ice pack in with you and while under the warm water, place the ice pack on the back of your neck. This confuses your nervous system; and while the warm water is aimed at your lower body, it will increase blood flow there providing some relief to your head. Another option is to turn off the warm water and use only cold water for a few minutes right before getting out of the shower.

Our last ritual is Cool It! with our SOOTHE Hydrating Recovery Gel. As the weather begins to warm up we can feel overheated at times. Soothe instantly cools down skin and if you store it in the fridge it’s an even cooler treat.

And that’s all for Aries season! I hope that you enjoyed these Aries inspired self-care rituals. Please share this post with your favorite Aries. For the rest of the astrologically inspired rituals, you can see them here.

Light + magick,

Disclaimer: The information provided is presented from a folkloric perspective and is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute the professional help of a physician or other health care professional(s).

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