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Self-care rituals to help you tune in to the energy of Pisces season

This is the 5th guide in this series regarding the positive aspects of each sign paired with our self-care rituals to help us all connect to the themes present.

During Pisces season we can benefit from connecting to the positive aspects of the energy of this sign and embracing it while it is at its strongest.

You can watch the IGTV video here which goes into detail about each self-care ritual.

You can also check out this quick guide for the themes presented along with the timestamps in the video for each individual self-care ritual.

I hope that you enjoy this series! Please share your thoughts and feel free to send this post to someone who can also benefit from Pisces energy and the themes shared in the video and quick guide.

For the rest of the astrologically inspired rituals, you can see them here.

Light + magick,

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