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Why use beard oil?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I'm starting this skincare series by talking about one of the first products I began to offer here at Ouroboros Herbals. Currently, we offer both a scented version and an unscented version, and I will get into why you might want to choose one over the other in a bit. So whether you have a beard, you're trying to grow one, or are considering gifting the bearded, here are a few things to consider.

What’s the purpose of beard oil?

Beard oil is meant to moisturize not only facial hair but the skin underneath it. You can think of it as a leave-in conditioner for your beard.

What are the benefits of using beard oil?

While you technically don't need beard oil to grow a beard it does offer many benefits such as promote healthy growth by addressing the following issues:

  • Reduces that coarse or wiry feeling that can be quite offputting to those who want to get extra close to you by adding softness to your beard hair

  • Reduces beard itch associated with the initial stages of trying to grow a beard

  • Reduces dandruff or "beardruff" caused by dry skin and irritation

  • Helps dull-looking beards by adding a non-greasy healthy shine that comes from deeply moisturizing oils

  • Reduces flyaways helping beards look less scruffy

  • If scented, it can help mask the scent of sweat and the scent of tobacco for smokers

Overall, it just helps your beard feel & look better!

What's inside a bottle of beard oil?

The foundation of beard oil is mostly well you guessed it, oil. Here at Ouroboros Herbals, we use plant-based oils that are meant to mimic the natural sebum of your skin, helping balance oil production -meaning that it helps prevent both dryness and excess oil production thus reducing itchiness and "beardruff", and even acne. These oils bind to your beard hair helping prevent damage to the hair shaft that can be caused by drying cleansers and even environmental factors (such as heat, wind, sun exposure, and/or air pollution), These oils can also provide antimicrobial properties as well as helping reduce clogged pores that can cause acne.

Essential oils are another plant-based ingredient that you can find in a bottle of beard oil as with the case with our award-winning Bosque Mágico (Magickal Forest) beard conditioning oil. Essential oils impart aromatherapeutic benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. There are also physical benefits for the skin and hair, for example, some essential oils have antibacterial and/or anti-fungal properties, skin-soothing properties, oil-balancing properties, etc. I should mention that even though essential oils are considered "natural" and they offer many benefits (way more than I have mentioned here) they might not be for everyone. If you have very sensitive skin or a skin condition such as rosacea or eczema, for example, you might prefer to use an unscented beard oil to reduce the possibility of aggravating an existing condition.

I hope you have found this post helpful in determining if beard oil is for you or for a bearded someone in your life. Thank you for reading, please comment below Dearies.

Light + magick,

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