SOOTHE Hydrating Recovery Gel

SOOTHE Hydrating Recovery Gel


SOOTHE Hydrating Recovery Gel is made with natural ingredients designed to help your skin heal faster.



  • As an aftershave to reduce razor bumps and irritation (genderless fresh scent)
  • After sun exposure to reduce recovery time
  • To help cool skin down on extra hot days
  • As an instant water-based hydrating gel to add more moisture to your skin (combine with one of our Restorative Facial Oils to seal in the added moisture for improved results) 
  • To help improve complexion and overall appearance of skin


SOOTHE is a gentle PH-balanced formula (PH 5−7) that is conditioning and soothing and includes the plant allies of witch hazel, aloe, cucumber, Provitamin B5, Irish moss, and probiotics that will help hydrate, soften and cool your skin. Ingredients have been known to help reduce irritation & inflammation.  Absorbs readily into the skin without leaving any residue. 


2 fl oz / 56 ml e   ♻️Packaged in a reusable glass bottle.


Vegan | Cold processed | Plant-based | Oil-free | PH-balanced | Reiki Infused