WATER Elemental Bath Soak

WATER Elemental Bath Soak


As you soak in Water's energy we encourage you to attune your emotions.


Correspondences: Emotional Body, Sacral Chakra, West, Autumn, Dusk, Blue, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Our Elemental Bath Soak is the perfect bath ritual for helping you restore balance with nature. Ritually crafted with mindfully selected herbs, spices, resins, clays, flowers, and essential oils that honor each element and help you connect to them by turning your bathing routine into a ritual.

With a base of mineral-rich restorative Himalayan pink salt and Epsom salt that encourage bright healthy-looking skin. Veiled with moisturizing antioxidant-rich olive oil and vitamin E oil. Our luxurious Elemental Bath Soak Collection invokes relaxation while nourishing your body and spirit.

Each Elemental Bath Soak includes a muslin bag. 


Net wt. 9.5 oz / 269 g  ℮  |  ♻️Packaged in a recyclable plastic jar


Vegan | Reiki-infused | Scented with essential oils | Plant-based


    rooty, warm, sweet

    Contains absolute oils and essential oils of Vetiver, Black Pepper, & Rose

    Each scent has been carefully c